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    How to Disable the Funtion "Export Data to CSV" for a Whole Data Source in Tableau Desktop

    Michael Gao

      Hi Guru,


      As said in topic. When I right click on a data source name in Tableau Desktop in the data connection pane, in the popup menu there is an item "Export Data to CSV". This funtion will allow user to download the whole set of data in the data source.


      However, many customer don't want the end user to be able to download whole data whilest they can use the data source for data discovery and anlaysis. Especially, when the customer published data sources to Tableau Server, but when a Tableau Desktop user connect to the data source via Tableau Server, he can still download the whole data, which is NOT we want.


      So, is there any way to disable the function of "Export data to CSV" for  a whole data source?


      Many thanks.