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    View PY & CY sales along with 3 months

    P C

      Using Global Superstore data, I want to show the sales of current as well as previous year on selection of particular month (July 2015) along with next 3 months. If user selects July 2015, he should be able to view sales of Jul 2014,2015, Aug 2014,2015 & Sep 2014,2015.

      I have been able to do them separately (PY sales and next 3 months) but when combining both, it doesn't display.

      For PY sales, I'm using Lookup(Sales,-12)

      For Next 3 months : if DATEDIFF('month',[Parameter_Date],[Order Date])>= 0 and DATEDIFF('month',[Parameter_Date], [Order Date])< 3 then 'show' else null end


      Thanks in advance