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    A basic but a very important question for a beginner like me.

    Babu R

      This is confusing me for a while. The confusion is -


      1. When we are connected through a Live connection to a data source, is the data which is displayed in the Tableau View Window in the Data Source tab, loaded into the RAM or Tableau Data Engine? Or Data Engine is only related to Extract connection?

      2. When we do an extract, the .tde file which gets stored in repository folder, is it referred to as in-memory data engine technology? So when we query data from the extract, only the required data is loaded into RAM for analysis?

      3.Is the Repository and in-memory data engine used interchangeably (referring to extract)?

      Both 2. and 3. in terms of before and after the introduction of Hyper.



      I am new to Tableau and I am still in the exploring stage(Tableau Desktop), so can anyone please enlighten me with answers.