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    system error: java.lang.illegalstatexception

    Rory Wallis

      Hi all,


      So I'm getting the error: 'system error: java.lang.illegalstatexception' on the last step of my flow. Everything else before it runs fine but the final step will only generate the field names with no rows. Has anyone come across this before and does anyone know what the cause is?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Rory Wallis

          So just some interesting things I have found about this whilst looking for a workaround. The penultimate step (i.e. the last point the data would 'work') is an inner join. If I take this join out and rebuild it then the final step will generate properly. However, if I then save, close and re-open the document then the issue will arise again.


          Weirdly, if I run the flow on the two steps that are joined together before I run it on the final step then the final step will work out fine. Further, I have lots of other joins in the flow but this is the only inner join. I tried changing this to a left outer and saving then re-opening but the issue still occurred. This is therefore not a problem with using an inner join. I also tried removing the output step to see if that made a difference to it but same issue again.


          In short, I've found a workaround but, as always, there is some bizarre behaviour going on inside Prep. At least a potential solution is provided here if people come across the same issue. Welcoming comments on what the underlying cause is!