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    Problems with Tableau Desktop licensing

    Luana Carminatti Souza

      Is it possible to hide or mask the license key in Tableau Desktop? How do I prevent users from copying and propagating the license to others?

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          Sankarmagesh Rajan

          Hi Luana,


          some people mentioned about this. Please check the tableau support for this.



          Transit to Single Master Key. Tableau Desktop supports single master key. Instead of having 500 individual Desktop keys, you can consolidate all into one single master key which can be activated by 500 users. The pre-request is co-term all individual keys. A few important notes:

          • When single master key is created, make sure to ask Tableau to turn on hidden key feature so Desktop users will not see the key anymore. You do not want the single master key to be leaked out. See screenshot on Desktop where ‘Manage Product Keys’ menu does not show up anymore:screenshot_1028
          • What it also means is that you will have to use quiet installer so key can be activated w/o user’s interaction.
          • This hidden manage product key feature also became available for Tableau Prep from 2018.1.2 although Prep has separate key with Desktop.