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    Hiding Sheet filters in the dashboard

    Divya Sharma

      Hi Experts,


      Need your help urgently.


      I have created a dashboard using Superstore data source, which includes Three sheets + 1 title sheet (which is the part of Sheet 2) as below.



      Functionality is,When the user select the Sub-category from the 'Sub - category filter in sheet 1, then Sheet 2 is being visible (Sheet 2 is just to show text values). When any row from sheet 2 is  selected then Sheet 3 and its title will be visible (This part is working)

      Default dashboard includes only Sheet 1 with its filter 'Sub category = All' that means, sheet 2 and sheet 3 should be invisible.


      Issue is, if 'Sub category = All' , Sheet 2 and Sheet 3 is being invisible, but the filter in Sheet 3 - Manufacturer is not being invisible.


      Workbook attached.


      Please let me know how can i hide the Sheet's filters in the dashboard.