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    Extract details and output it as an excel file

    Joshua Sinamo

      So I have 4 datasets and I want to merge the summary together so they form a "time-series" so to speak


      What I mean by details is this Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 3.50.44 AM.png


      I want to collect all the details (e.g., A great deal = 4; A little = 3, and so on and so forth and output it into an excel file for every question I have in the dataset and then merge them and separate by column, so the end result would look like 2015; A great deal = 4, etc.


      The challenge is that we can't really merge them 1 to 1 because the number of observation is not the same for each datasets. Also, each question has different choices, like for question 1, those are the choices but question 2 has different choices.


      Please help!