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      Hi there!


      I am not quite sure which one do I need to choose and what is the difference btw these two options? (It would be better to give me an example)

      Those null values are because they are not available and I leave them as empty on my spreadsheet.



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          Chris McClellan

          Filter means that you won't see them at all


          Default means that you will see them, but because it's a NULL then Tableau will substitute 0.


          Try both and see which one suits your situation the best, you can always Ctrl-Z to undo

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            Tushar  More

            In case if you want to ignore it, right click on the indicator


            select hide.



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              meenu choudhary



              When you will select the first option, it will filter out the records, having null values from the worksheet.

              Below is the reference from superstore data.


              In the below  image you can see there is no data for "Art"  and a pop-up is there for "1 null" records.



              If i select the first option , to filter data. the "sales" having null is filtered out , and now "Art" is gone from the report.




              If you select 2nd option, it's displaying 0 for null , where category ="Art".




              You can refer below article for details :


              Handling Null and Other Special Values

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                suman kumar

                Hi Lu Gan


                I would recommend to use second option. It will give you a complete scenario of Data. At least you'll understand the trend(If you create trend chart) of your analysis. Filtering out the data will filter out dimension and value as well (You Know very well).






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                  Thank you so much!