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    Filtering one column w/ multiple pipe-separated items

    Jerry Hall

      I created a Parameter with a list of potential items (up to 8 items per record and about 100 options, all pipe-separated) found in my column such as this:




      That said, I also have 8 other columns in my postgres table with items individually stored (in case your suggestion might use that data source?)


      However, when I create a filter I only get a single-selection radio button and not a multi-select option.


      How would I create a multi-select filter where I could select one or more items (eg, check LEWD CONDUCT and VIOL. OF CONDITIONS) and if one or both are in the record that record displays in my table?


      I did create another sheet and used the above data column as the filter but, it can get really long (eg 200 characters) so isn't usable. I too understand people can do a search but, that limits them significantly.


      Thanks for any help!

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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi Jerry,


          You may want to do a cross-join (ON 1=1)

          of your original table and the Items one

          (you're created a Parameter from).


          Then use a filter like that:

          CONTAINS([your_pipe_separated_items_column], [your_list_of_items_column])


          Of course, row duplication occurs as a result of a cross-join,

          and you have to take it into account when preparing views / calcs.


          Hope it could help a bit.