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    ServiceNow Starters Dashboard - Reverse Engineering

    Narendar Devasani

      Hi ,


      I would like to learn the Dashboard implementation by doing Reverse engineering of Request_report.twbx.


      1. How to export the data into CSV or excel Tablewise? Currently I can export it as single table.
      2. SETs and other fields are grayed out. How to edit them?
      3. Sheets are hidden, can we see the individual Sheets with edit options?



      Can you help me to understand this dashboard?


      I don't have any ServiceNow accounts, I want to use the same CSV file to rebuild the exact dashboard.


      thank you

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          Chris McClellan

          It's hard to reverse engineer the data model if you don't have access to ServiceNow, but you can do it by looking at the dimensions & measures in each table and creating them again.


          The greyed out fields are hidden, you can unhide them (right click, then choose Unhide), but the sets are dashboard actions, so you can't edit them anyway.


          To unhide a sheet you can open it, then right click on the sheet name and unhide, or right-click on the dashboard name and choose "Unhide all Sheets"