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    Data Blending: Linking 2 Date Fields Returns No Records

    Daniel Park



      I'm trying to calculate cost per pallet. I have 2 data sources: the primary data source contains monthly cost per warehouse and the secondary contains a list of all pallets shipped, the date each pallet shipped, and the warehouse that pallet shipped from. When I drag pills from both data sources into my worksheet, the Linking Field for the  Warehouse field generated automatically but I had to manually create the Linking Field for Date and PlanDeliveryDate using Edit Relationships. When I break the Link between Date and PlanDeliveryDate, Tableau returns the sum of all pallets for all months in the dataset rather than the monthly pallet counts. When I turn the link on, pallet data disappears completely.


      Can anyone tell me why these 2 date fields are not linking correctly? Twbx file is attached.


      I've tried this with some dummy data in excel files and it works fine (dummy example attached).



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          Jim Dehner


          blending the data is equivalent to matching every record in one file with each record in the second file based on how you connect the 2 files together -

          if you are not connected on date but are connected on warehouse it is will take the data in the primary source( pallet count)  at each warehouse and match it with each record in the secondary source (cost) at the connection level (warehouse)


          when you connect to both date and warehouse - not only those records that match both criteria will be in the total (it is similar to a sumifs() with multiple conditions in excel)



          The issue is created by blended aggregated data with disaggregated data - essentially you repeat the aggregated data (cost) for each record in the disaggregate file - you can do that but you have to take into account the duplicate record in your aggregation as you create the viz




          you second workbook could not be opened




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            Daniel Park

            Hi Jim,


            Apologies. The file I'm having trouble with is the one you couldn't open. I've uploaded a new version of the file that you should be able to open.


            Try clicking and unclicking the Linking Field icon next to PlanDeliveryDate and you'll see enabling the link results in no data and disabling the link results in the pallet count of 396,726 (total pallet count for entire data set) every month rather than the pallet count by month.


            The "Dummy Data" file is only there to help show what I'm trying to do and that it should work.

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              Tushar  More

              Hi Daniel,


              I think I fixed the issue in the attached workbook. In order to make it work, you need to maintain same data type of your date field. It was showing blank because one type was date and another was date-time.


              Let me know if this helps or not.