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    Filter Hides When We De Select "All"


      parHi All,


      This requirement is kind of the continuation thread of below discussion.


      How To Hide The parameter


      Joe Oppelt helped me in hiding the  Parameters. 


      But now my client wants to see the parameters little differently.

      When we click Date Selection Parameter as October Month, my other Parameters/Filters should be hidden. when we click Select Date Range, the filters re appear.

      Now, when we deselect "All"  in "Month Of Order Date" filter or any filter, all the Filters move up/hide not allowing the user to select specific month.



      Basically My requirement is,

      .1 Allow User to choose If it is October month or Select date Range .

      2. When User selects October Month , all the filters should be hidden.

      3. When User Selects Select Date Range , Filters pop up and allow user to select specific Month, Year or week range.



      What is not happening is, when I try to Deselect All to select specific month, All the filters hide instead of allowing me to choose specific date.


      Can anyone please help me this?