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    Could not connect to server


      I am having trouble connecting to a sql server from a data source embedded into the workbooks that are being published onto the tableau server as extracts. the connection works fine when i am using tableau desktop.

      Also one of the data sources for the same workbook has a live connection and that connects just fine.


      Where do i start troubleshooting this?



      any help is much appreciated!!

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          Chris McClellan

          Is the SQL Server installed on your computer or a different computer ?

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            Sorry for the late response chris. Yes the SQL server is on a different computer.


            Today i also noticed that the 'Forgot the password?' on tableau login does not send out an email either. The SMTP server info & logins are correct on the tableau server. This made me think that may be somehow the outgoing connection from the tableau server is interrupted?


            I can access the internet from IE just fine on the computer with that tableau server installed though.


            I just don't know where & how to start troubleshooting this.


            Any help is appreciated.

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              Chris McClellan

              OK, the checks you have done so far are great


              Checking with IE and there is internet access means that the connection is good, but also means (based on your other tests) that port 80 works


              SQL Server will need port 1433

              SMTP needs ports 25, 465 & 587


              So I'm guessing you have more of a firewall config issue which is blocking traffic on these ports.


              Also, I've only quoted the default port values.  The SMTP ports are probably good, but some people change the SQL Server port on install (guarding against hacking).


              So ports being blocked MIGHT be your problem, but it's something to check seeing that IE works and nothing else works.

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                Thanks for your response chris. I will look closely into firewalls and such. however a big thing to note here that this is only for OUTGOING traffic.


                we shouldn't need port 1433 ( sql) open on this tableau server because the sql server with data is on a different computer, right? ( and same with SMTP)

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                  Chris McClellan

                  You do need 1433 so that Tableau can connect to SQL Server, that's why you're getting the error that you first posted - Tableau can't connect to SQL Server properly