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    LOD Calculation & Context Filters

    Srikanth Goli

      Hi Everyone,


      Hope you guys are doing great!


      I been trying to do a calculation using LoD's and Context filters but stuck at a place where I am no longer making progress.


      So my situation is I want to create a calculated field which is a division of two LoDs where numerator should compute after Context filters, and denominator should compute before the Context filters. I tried a lot but not making any progress so thought of getting some help from the advanced users.


      I tried to replicate my scenario using superstore dataset and attached the packaged workbook. in the workbook, I want to create ((Max sales by city * Unique Dates) / Dividor)


      The Max sales by city & Unique dates should compute after the City and Year context filters but the dividor column should ignore context filters and compute on full data.


      Could you guys please let me know how to accomplish this? let me know if you need more details. thanks