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    TOL Rest API signin - HTTP error 405 Method Not Allowed for url

    Jill Honrade

      Hello, my company has recently adopted Tableau Online and would like to run a python script using REST API to query all existing users and groups on TOL.


      I am following the sample code (Python Example for Sign In and Sign Out (JSON)) provided here: https://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/api/rest_api/en-us/REST/rest_api_concepts_auth.htm


      I filled in the server_name, user_name, password and site_url_id variables for our Tableau Online instance.

      • server_name: I used  "online.tableau.com"
      • user_name, password:I used the username and password of a local TOL admin account
      • site_url_id: I used the site id string, not the site name


      When I run the script I receive this error: "requests.exceptions.HTTPError: 405 Client Error: Method Not Allowed for url: https://online.tableau.com/api/2.5/auth/signin"


      Am I missing something here? Are Post Requests not allowed on TOL?


      I am new to using REST API, so any guidance is appreciated! Thanks!