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    Showing manually defined "All" category data when action filter is cleared for unique users

    vashisth sorathia



      I have some data in which there are monthly unique users for each of the services(a,b,c,d,e) and a service filter implemented through an action to check trends for individual services. Please refer the attached workbook.


      What I am trying to do is when the service selection in the dashboard is cleared, I need to show unique user trend for all the services combined. Since the users could be overlapping across different services, I can't show the default sum of users of all services that tableau generates. So I manually defined an "all" category in my backend excel data that I want to show when there is no service selected in the dashboard(i.e. when the action filter is cleared). I also don't want "all" to be appearing in the list to choose from(in the attached workbook, it is visible for demonstration purpose but it should only show a,b,c,d,e).


      Is there any way I can activate manually defined "all" filter when the action filter is cleared?


      Here is what I want:

      when a service, say, "b" is clicked on, I should see the trend for service "b" which is simple and is working.

      when "b" is again clicked on, the action filter is cleared and trend for "all" should show up.


      I am also okay to create a separate sheet for "all" values, make it visible only when the action filter is cleared(at the same time, hiding the other sheet) but not able to identify the condition when the "all" sheet activates.


      Thanks in advance.