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    Calculated field to show dynamic filter using Lod is not working between 2 different sheets

    Chinnala J

      Hi Tableau users,

      need some inputs on this.


      i have a data source with 2 dates and a flag.. one date added and another date updated.


      Id     flag    Date added   last updated

      3       d        08/01/2016    08/05/2018

      1       u         08/01/2018   09/25/2018

      2       u        01/12/2017    09/30/2018



      Now i have 2 create two views:

      1. Record Added: based on date added month

      2. Record deleted: based on flag d and last updated month


      i created a calculated field to auto populate months based on date added column so I don’t need to manually add months as list to a paramete.


      Calculated field called monthselect:

      If year ({fixed:max([date added])})=year([date added] and month({Fixed:max([date added])})=month([date added]



      else datename...



      this calculation when showed as filter is working absolutely fine by showing all the months. When month is selected in the single drop down filter, records are getting filtered by date added In record added view.When that same filter is used in record deleted view, it is still showing based On date added.


      Any pointers are greatly appreciated. Attached workbook too