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    Published Data Source Workbook Migrations, Updates and Changes


      Can you please share any tips, tools, or scripts you may have developed for managing Tableau data source workbooks?

      Our pain points are:

      1.  Migrating published data sources (currently about a dozen or so at a time) from DEV, to QA to PROD. These are direct server connections (not extracts). We are using Tableau Server, and in Tableau Desktop we update the fieldnames, create calculated fields, and group them into folders and add filter sets before publishing to the server.

      2.  Managing changes to published data sources: ie. fieldname changes, folder name changes, calculated field changes, and other report breaking changes.

      3. Monitoring and identifying broken workbooks. (due to changes in data sources)

      4. I read this article: https://www.tableau.com/about/blog/2016/4/migrating-tableau-workbooks-and-datasources-across-projects-sites-and-servers

      • I skimmed the documentation for tabcmd, the REST API and TabMigrate but did not see a function that allows access to query or change fieldnames or folders.
      • Anyone using TabMigrate? The disclaimer made me think twice about using it.
      • Anyone using InterWorks PowerTools?  I emailed InterWorks 10 days ago, and called/left voicemail 7 days ago, and again today, still waiting for response(s). 


      We currently manage this process manually, which is not scale-able, and have tried requesting 'no breaking changes' for published data sources, but the databases are not in my control, and the politics are above my pay grade.


      Any insight into your experience with what people are actually using to mange this process would be a tremendous help.