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    Tableau extension

    Hanane Ouhammouch

      Hi all ,


      I need information about  tableau extensions:


      -i have a dashboard with 4  datasource  and 4  workshhet.


      -i want to have the total of some kpi


      -i can not create a calculated field because , the datasource are not related,


      I think extension can help me to do this  because ( we can access to the data https://extensiongallery.tableau.com/products/14



      if some one deal with this issue can he help me ? : the step or an example


      Thank you

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          Hello Hanane,


          Is there no field that has a commonality between the data sources? Such as a date field or product name that could be used for the blending relationship.


          Otherwise I believe this would require some sort of write back to store the totals and then adding the totals from the new location. Such as using the extension that you listed in your original post. There could be other options as well but I would to look into this a bit more.


          I would also add an idea to the Tableau Community Idea space to have some sort of native grand totaling of non-associated data source totals.




          Hope this helps!



          Byrne, Patrick