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    extract hours+minutes from decimals


      Dear all,


      I've been trying to calculate the hours and minutes from decimal characters, but i'm struggeling. I've searched this forum for answers, but couldn't find a solution to my issue yet..

      My question:


      Let's say I have a decimal of 10.90. Since time only counts to 60, this should be translated to something like 10:50. I've used the following formula:


      DATEADD ('hour', SUM([calculated field]), DATEADD('minute', SUM([calculated field]), Date(NOW())))


      where calculated field equals 10.90. What happens now I get returned 10:10 instead of 10:50. If I just try hour I get 10:00 and if i just try minutes i get 00:10.

      How to improve this formula?


      thanks in advance for your help!