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    Tableau Server


      Hi guys,


      I want to export my tableau dashboard and worksheet into PDF. What should I do?

      Do I have to buy the Tableau server or what? I am a student and my account seems cannot access to Tableau server.






      Thanks folks! Mine does not have "Save to PDF" option, I guess it is because my tableau is not tableau desktop professional version. What I can do is just press"Ctr+P" to print it out.

      I want to use server...and my license is for student (the free version). Well, I do not know how to put my worksheet or dashboard up to Tableau Sever. If I need to buy it, how much does it cost...?

      Thank you~~~~


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          Mark McGhee

          Hi Lu,


          By chance have you tried the "Print to PDF" option?  The link to OnlineHelp below includes steps and near the end of the page the steps are unique to Mac users.


          Print Tableau Views

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            Sankarmagesh Rajan

            Hi Lu,


            Your username not have permission that you logined server. Please use the print to pdf in desktop and get it.

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              Suraj  Kumar

              Hi Lu,

              If you are using Tableau Desktop Professional , then you can directly

              go into file and then print into PDF and use it.


              and in the screenshot above, it seems that you have got unlicensed perhaps because of that you don't have the publishing permissions.


              Please let me know in case it helps you or if you facing any challenge in getting PDF.



              Suraj Kr.

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                Hi Suraj,


                My tableau is student version, I got license from Tableau though it is free~~~:)

                I updated my question, please check it out.

                Thank you~!

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                  Suraj  Kumar

                  Hi lu.gan,


                  for the tableau desktop professional and tableau server... it comes with 14-days trial licensing.. you can give it a try for 14 days and explore.


                  Though, you can also use tableau public as well for tableau desktop and publish to tableau publish. Remember you content would be publicly exposed, anyone can view it on tableau public.


                  So, my first recommendation would be to use tableau desktop professional if you using student version.(14-days trial period)

                  as well as also install tableau server( 14-days trial period ).


                  Before hand. Please do check system requirements for both of this product.


                  And, as of now as you currently using student version, try publishing to tableau public. it works pretty much same way as of tableau server. though the content will be public to everybody.


                  Please feel free to ask anything. if you have still some doubts.



                  Suraj Kr.

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