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    HR Analytics Calculations

    Carrie Bergman

      Hi Group! I'm wondering if anyone has any helpful calculations they are using for HR analytics? (Examples: Turnover, Active Headcount, Headcount Last Twelve Months...) If you have a sample workbook you don't mind sharing, that's fantastic, but definitely not required.


      I'm pretty new to Tableau, so just looking for some good starting points. I know mostly everything in Tableau depends on your data to build, but I'm hoping someone out here has at least some kind of basic calculations/principles they've used to get started. I really haven't found really good, specific help searching the Community (or the web) for HR-specific help; lots of sales examples that just don't quite translate.


      Tableau seems to have a pretty firm grasp on their own HR analytics in Tableau, but doesn't seem to want to share any of the calculations they use to get there. Has anyone had better luck getting answers than I have? Thanks in advance!