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    Virus / Spyware Download Blocked error message

    david white

      Tableau Server Version: 2018.1.3 (20181.18.0706.1237) 64-bit Windows


      When attempting to bring up a view from our tableau site I received an error message stating session ended by server "Download of the virus/spyware has been blocked in accordance with company policy" (See attached)

      This error is occurring in all browsers.


      Other times I'm getting an uncaught script error: "Uncaught Script error for "built-dojo/dojo/dojo" http://requirejs.org/docs/errors.html#scripterror; Modules=built-dojo/dojo/dojo; RequireType=scripterror"


      I've restarted the tableau server / services with no change.


      However, when I go to the tableau server and access the website via localhost in the web browser I don't get any errors and the site works as expected.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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          Michael Gillespie

          David, you'll have to talk to your firewall/security admin folks in your organization.  Something is being blocked on the network - and you can tell it's on the network because you don't get the error when all communication is within one device (when you log in to the server and hit "localhost").


          It's possible that your network blocks/filters/restricts some JavaScript or other code that Tableau needs to work.