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    Automatically set filter value based on another filter

    Oleg Podgoretsky

      I have been trying to accomplish this, seemingly simple task, for over a week combing through forums and Tableau sites, but I can't get any proposed solution to work. Here's the problem, I have a data set with a period column of either 0 or 3 months. Another column with dates (I'm using month year format for the dashboard if that makes a difference), the 0 month dates go up to August 2018 while the 3 month dates end in May 2018. On the dashboard, I have set up a period filter and everything is working fine, except this ONE thing. If a user selects a date after May 2018 and then changes the filter from 0 to 3 month period the date drop down displays "(August 2018)" and the dashboard goes blank. If I manually click on the date filter I see that the values only go up to May 2018, but the user still has to manually set the filter in order for the dashboard to come back to life.


      What I would like to accomplish is to have the date filter automatically flip to the latest date based on the period filter in order to prevent this scenario. For example, if a user selects 0 month in the period filter and August 2018 in the date filter and then switches the period filter to 3 months the date filter should automatically be set to May 2018(or whatever the latest date may be). Is Tableau seriously incapable of accomplishing something this simple? Any help would be greatly appreciated.