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    Mapping Lat/Longs and Also Colorizing Counties

    Arthur Casale

      I've been at this for several weeks now on and off and cannot seem to crack this nut. I have googled, watched YouTube, scoured the Tableau forum to no avail. The requirement appears to be quite simple, I want to colorize all the counties in the state of Georgia. Some of those counties have office locations that I want to plot using specific LAT/Longs.


      So I bumped into the trick below – by creating a dual axis of Longitudes. The one of the left is the Map that colorizes the counties (by dragging it to the color mark) and the one of the right is a dot chart that plots the office locations by the Lat/Longs in the input file.


      It was all well and good until I noticed that rogue dot just sort of floating out there.  The Lat/Long that is displayed in in the tool tip is nowhere in my input file, so Tableau generated it. I think it has something to do with the way I expressed the Lat/Longs for the counties that do NOT have offices – the ones I just want to be colorized (the yellow, orange and purple ones below). I had to provide a “county level” Lat/Long in the file for those or they would not colorize at all. The spreadsheet is shown below. I highlighted the three non-office counties in the display.


      So, anyway, although I can pretend I don’t see that stray dot, now it’s all I see!


      Any idea what I can do to solve this?