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    Tableau Calling Stored Procedure


      Hello All,


      I have a report in Spotfire Currently connected to a Teradata Stored Procedure which have Start date, End Date and 10 other Input Parameters based on the input values selected by user an output result is generated which is displayed in the report. So now when I wanted to replace the same report in Tableau I was not able to pass multiple values through Parameters to the stored Procedure which is returning Zero Records.


      Option 1) I thought of breaking the Stored Procedure and write custom Sql but it is transaction data where the amount of data we are dealing with is Trillions of records. And based on the user selection transactions change and gives different values for different input parameters.


      It is a live report every time user select values the result is generated based on that.


      I was struck here not able to get the result in Tableau. Any valuable suggestions will help me getting through this.


      Any idea Alteryx can do this????