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    Color Calculation - FIXED LOD

    Stephen Groff

      I'm trying to create a calculation that will change the color on a logo.  The color is dictated the value ([PDI DPU]>[Fac Target]) and the date ([Master Date]), and the date from day to day will change the values.  I cannot add a date to the Viz or it goes blank, so I need to create an LOD so the Viz doesn't change... I just don't know how.


      Something like:


      If [Master Date]=yesterday and [PDI DPU]>[FAC Target] then "Red" else "Green"


      I just don't know how to write the LOD so the color changes.


      Workbook is attached.


      Any help is appreciated.

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          Your question unclear to me.

          If master date is not in the view OR filter, How does it matter for color change.

          Lets say we calculate below and we get two valuesi.e. Red and Green. But tableau has to display only one. coz master date is not in the view. how does it do that?

          [Master Date]=yesterday, it should be RED else GREEN.

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            Stephen Groff

            Adding [Master Date] to the view sounds like a wonderful plan, but when I do, the picture completely disappears.  I know very little about LOD expressions, but it is my understanding that LOD calculations do not change the nature of the view, this is why I initially said in my first question...  "I cannot add a date to the Viz, or it goes blank...."


            Perhaps I should've split this post up into 2 different questions..


            1.  Why does my picture disappear when I add in [Master Date]?

            2.  How do I fix this issue?