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    Dual Axis Dimension Fields Bar Graph

    Dominic Beale

      Hi all,


      I have aircraft data and want to show a dual axis bar graph depicting total count of aircraft in one field and total count of aircraft in the other field. I have a model which re-sorts which aircraft supplies should be delivered to which aircraft and reduces their time awaiting parts by more efficiently prioritizing. I create two new fields (Pre-Model , Post-Model) based on days awaiting parts, one before the model is run (Pre-Model) and one after the model is run (Post-Model). I create the field values based on if the days are greater than one month waiting parts"> 1m", 3 months ">3m",  6 months ">6m", and 1 year ">1yr" etc. The issue is that for a particular aircraft, it's row may have a value of ">6m" awaiting parts for Pre-Model field and ">1m" awaiting parts in the Post-Model field. I want to show the values "> 1m", ">3m", ">6m", ">1yr" in the X column and the distinct counts of aircraft in the Y column (I will use a dual axis for this). Currently I can do this using a different field for the X parameter but I'm stuck on how to show the distinct counts in the Y column for two different dimension fields in the X column. I have attached the graphic of how I currently break it out, I unfortunately cannot attach the workbook.



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          Ken Flerlage

          Any chance you can mock up a sample data set or anonymize this data set? Anonymize your Tableau Package Data for Sharing

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            Dominic Beale

            Thanks Ken! This will be useful down the road.

            Instead of using that method I have attached the sample superstore dataset with the basic premise of what I am trying to do attached in the workbook.


            Customers represent aircraft in this instance and I am counting them distinctly in a dual axis bar graph. The Field 1 represents profit value by category and field 2 represents sales value by field. The values for both fields are the same. I have create a parameter to show the count of costumers within each field value by segment.


            What I want to do is instead of having to use the parameter, replace the segment card with the field values (the field values would be the X asis, "Terrible" "Good" "Excellent" etc) and have unique counts of costumers in each. Does this make sense? Workbook attached.