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    First four years of data in separate columns and rest all to be grouped(Dynamic in Nature)

    Durga Patsa

      Dear Team & @Shinichiro Murakami


      I have a peculiar requirements. I have a big data live connection and customer needs a cross tab which shows   the difference between two sites of same column and show them by year. My struggle lies with YEAR. The data for these sites starts from 2012 to 2016 and varies by site.


      Users needs a cross tab which should show


      1. First 4 years in 4 different columns ( if a site has data from 2016 to 2030, then 2016,2017,2018,2019, aggregation of (2020 - 2030) as a last column.

      2. They would like to see only 5 columns (4 columns with least individual years & 5th column is the aggregation of 5th year till end)

      3. The view will show the difference of only one comparison at a time. so using two parameters to pick the sites that are in comparison.



      I am not worried of calculating the difference between the sites but in displaying the least 4 years as separate columns and 5th column as aggregation of rest of the years. Its okay tow keep two cross tab side by side but the grouping of the years should be done dynamically as each site starts in different year and first 4 from there to be show as individual columns.


      Attached the test data. Can you help?