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    "User Specific View" Thumbnail with both Parameter and User Filter

    Eric Weinstein

      Hi all - as the title suggests, I have created a dashboard with both a parameter that switches between views as well as a workbook user filter which restricts users to certain data.


      If I publish the dashboard with only the parameter that switches views, the thumbnail works properly.  If I publish the dashboard with only the user filter, the thumbnail works properly.  However, if I publish the dashboard with both the view-switching parameter as well as the user filter, I get a "User Specific View" generic thumbnail.  I have attached a workbook with the parameter and no user filter.  If you were to add a user filter in the workbook and publish, I suspect you would also get this generic thumbnail.


      Any ideas as to why this is happening?  I'd really like the user to be able to switch the view, but also see the thumbnail on Tableau Server.


      Thank you!