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    2018.2 Nested Sort Issue (Broken - help!)

    David Gamelin

      In 10.5 and previous versions of Tableau, you could have a table with multiple dimensions and measures, and you could sort the table based on the measures by clicking the measure name... in 2018.2 this functionality no longer seems to work. My users need the ability to sort various measures on a table that displays multiple dimensions, this used to work fine in 10.5 but we recently upgraded and now the sorting no longer works.


      I understand the improvements to nested sorting and I also understand these views may not be ideal - but it shouldn't be difficult to sort a table with multiple dimensions and quickly see the table ordered by profit or sales or something else. I have included screenshots, along with a 10.5 workbook and 2018.2 workbook that demonstrate the issue (I hope) - please help! In the examples below, a table with Sub-Category and Category could previously be sorted by any of the measures in view, this no longer works the same in 2018.2.


      Note - if only one dimension is on the rows shelf, you can sort by measure names in 2018.2, but once there are two or more dimensions on the rows shelf it no longer works. In my use case, I have a table with a few dimensions (job title, manager, etc.) and a variety of measures - having only one dimension is not sufficient for my users.



      10.5 Sort.png

      2018.2 Sort.png