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    JS API get values from a filter and load them into a JS variable

    Antoine Leperlier

      Hi All,


      I'm new to JS API with only a small JS experience.

      What I'm trying to do is to retrieve the values of a Filter in Tableau 2018.1 via JS API and load them in to a JS array variable [ ].

      My requirement is to then show these values into an HTML drop down list.


      I checked couple of example of the function getFiltersAsync() but can't seem to make it work.

      One example is this one: Tableau Get & Set Filter Example


      However I only need the values from one Filter and I know its name.



      Thanks for your help in pointing me to the right direction.


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          Antoine Leperlier

          Since I found the answer myself I'm going to share it with you:


          //SheetName is the name of worksheet the filter is on

          function FilterValues(SheetName)


          var AccessControlFilter = [];

          //FilterCarPark is the name of the HTML combo box I want to be populated with filter values

          var box = document.getElementById("FilterCarpark");


          //This is where the magic happens



          function (filters) {

          // 0 represents the position of the filter on the worksheet. The filter is the first one, hence number 0

          AccessControlFilter = filters[0].getAppliedValues();


          //This loop goes through every value of the filter and populates them into the box variable

          for(j=0; j < AccessControlFilter.length; j++){

          var opt2 = document.createElement('option');

          opt2.innerHTML = AccessControlFilter[j].formattedValue;

          opt2.value = AccessControlFilter[j].value;







          I call the FilterValues function when the viz first starts and that's it my LOV are populated