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    Disaster Recovery using SRDF

    Diarmuid  Doyle

      We have a Disaster Recovery model which uses SRDF (EMC) replication on WAN across our Data Centres. For any given system, our VMs are active in 1 Data Centre and SAN is replicated on a synchronized basis to 2nd D/C.

      We've applied this successfully for many systems and across different O/S including Linux and Windows.

      At the moment we are building new Windows VM servers for an upgraded Tableau (2018.R2) environment.

      We plan to provision and enable SRDF as we now have a need for D/R.

      Is there any reason why this D/R model wouldn't work with Tableau ?

      Bear in mind, Server Names and MAC addresses won't  change after Site-Switch, only ip addresses will differ.

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          Michael Gillespie

          Diarmuid, this is a question for support.

          There are some things in Tableau that can depend on specific IP addresses always being the same (the license server, any config you've done for Trusted Authentication, etc.).  I would be cautious about this approach.  Tableau has specific recommendations around HA and DR configuration and you're usually best to follow those.

          Talk to your account manager and the support team for categorical answers that reflect your environment.