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    Percentage of aggregated data, exclude from denominator if numerator is null

    Amanda Bruesch

      I am trying to create an antibiogram that aggregates data from multiple facilities. The numerator data is the number of bacterial isolates tested that were susceptible to a given antibiotic. The denominator data is the total number of bacterial isolates tested against that antibiotic. This is displayed as a percent susceptible.


      The problem I am encountering is when I have a null value in the numerator for a facility (they did not test that bacteria against that antibiotic), my calculation still adds the total number tested to the denominator - Percent Susceptible Calculated field in the workbook. I thought I could get around this by stating that if the numerator was null then add the total number tested to the numerator, but that skews the data - Percent Susceptible with Logic Calculated field.


      I would really like to be able to aggregate the data but exclude the total number tested from the denominator if the numerator is null.


      I have attached a packaged workbook and would appreciate any help that can be offered.