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    Unable to perform Table calculations with weighted NPS

    tanvi khanna


      I have survey data in the following format and need to calculate the weighted NPS:

      W1 2017client1M35 to 49USa6-10.1
      W1 2017client2F50 to 64USb910.11
      W1 2017client3M18 to 34CAc1010.12
      W1 2017client4F65+CAd800.14
      W1 2017client5M18 to 34ASIAc0-10.12
      W2 2017client6F18 to 34USe1010.07
      W2 2017client7F35 to 49ASIAf910.04
      W2 2017client8F35 to 49USb910.05
      W2 2017client9M50 to 64ASIAh6-10.06
      W1 2018client10F18 to 34CAy1010.05
      W1 2018client11F35 to 49USg5-10.02
      W1 2018client12M50 to 64ASIAhDKnull0.11
      W1 2018client13F50 to 64CAa800.01


      Desired in tableau:

         formula: %promoters = sum (promoter’s weights) / total weight of all respondents

      weighted scores

      I created weights by promoter/detractor/neutral in tableau and total weight also that is needed in formula, but unable to do any table calculations since all are aggregated. Percentage of total is not working - always giving 100%

      any help is highly appreciated!