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    Previous Report Period Forecast to compare with Current Report Period Actuals

    simone magagnini

      Hello everyone!


      I am having issues trying to find a solution to my problem which I think it might be simple but spent so many hours trying to figure it out I guess I am brainless now.


      I probably think the solution is "parameters" but would be really grateful if I could have some insights from the gurus here.



      My scenario:


      Every month I receive a report with actuals, forecast, etc from financial area.


      Every month the forecast changes so instead of overwrite or use the latest report, I created a master file adding the new data to the last month's report... so I can analyse the changes over periods on the forecast based on when the report was generated.


      I managed to create some bar graphs and total year forecast comparison but I am struggling with a simple table.


      I need to create a table in Tableau that shows the current ACTUALS based on the last report (September) but for the FORECAST I need the values from the report that was sent in August.

      Also need to allow calculation between Actuals (September) vs Forecast (August) - such as variation, moving average...

      another calculation is comparison of Forecast (September) vs Forecast (August) as it changes every month.

      and probably allow users to choose what month of the report they want to compare the forecast (September or august) versus the latest Actuals (September)


      A note is that some projects has 12 periods (months - for the whole year) in, lets say, September, but in August they were only entered values in 5 periods (months) - not sure if that is relevant but I was trying to create a column in excel with forecast -1 so for the report in September, I would bring the August forecast to that column but due to the large volume of data (it is over 150 MB) ... excel keeps crashing.


      I have attached a sample of my data with dummy data and only relevant field for this exercise...hope you can share some light



      Thank you all in advance!