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    Proper Place for LOD Use??

    Bernie Buckland

      I'm not sure if this is the proper place to use a LOD expression or not.  I have daily incremental data based on type and sub-type.  Based on the date range selected, I want to find the  average of the daily sums and then compare that to the actual day summed value.  The tricky part is the data is incremental so if I used Average then it gives me the average of the transactional data which isn't what I'm after at the moment.


      This expression only works some of the time.  It doesn't work when (All) is selected in both Type and Subtype.


      I want the TimePeriod_Avg to show 437.5 instead of the 218.8

      I eventually want to show the variance from the average.


      Packaged workbook should be attached; Tableau 10.5.0