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    Allow decimal tick marks in a bin axis?


      Good evening everyone,

      I just started working on the last part of my thesis and making good graphs is an important part of it.

      I have a dataset consisting of a number of samples and their content in metal, I would like to plot it using a histogram, so I created bins from the arsenic content data and I used those bins for the columns of my histogram, while I used CNT() for the rows.

      The histogram comes out pretty nicely, but I have a problem with the x axis (the bin axis): if I select automatic tick marks, tick marks appear spaced every 0.1 (it actually depends on the window dimension), however, if I try to manually change that value or if I try to add secondary tick marks spaced 0.05, I get the "Enter a valid number" error. The field from which the bin was created is decimal.

      Can anyone help?

      Thanks in advance.