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    Insert line break in a print to pdf report

    Diogo Braga

      This is a 'print to pdf' report and I need to add a line break at the end of each school-grade dimension. When I posted about this before, I was referred to Paging View on the Dasboard  which was helpful but didn't work for my particular case.


      Any suggestion? Thank you!




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          Jonathan Drummey

          Hi Diogo,


          I'm the author of the answer on the thread you linked to.


          Please know that Tableau was not designed to completely replace traditional tabular reporting systems e.g. MS SSRS, Crystal Reports, etc. instead Tableau's core design is for interactive visual analytics. So some things that are easy in reporting systems (like break at Nth header on print or PDF export) are harder (or a lot harder) to do in Tableau.


          In this case there's the extra complication that the view is using subtotals and grand totals. The technique that I used to do the pagination in this example does not work with subtotals & grand totals because the pagination requires us to use the page number table calculation as a discrete table calculation pill on Rows and Tableau won't compute the subtotals and grand totals in that case.


          In your sample data the school names are sequential 1 to N, is that the case in your actual data? If so there's a sneaky method that could work, but it absolutely requires sequential numbers from M to N for the school names. Otherwise it's theoretically possible to get to a paginated view with subtotals & grand totals, though the question is then "Is the juice worth the squeeze?"


          Here's one way to get there:


          1) Use Tableau's union feature or build your own union to create 3 copies of the data (one for the detail rows, one for the subtotals, and one for the grand totals).

          2) Build calculations per http://drawingwithnumbers.artisart.org/customizing-grand-totals-part-3/ for each of your measures to generate the right values in the detail rows, the subtotals, and the grand total.

          3) Build a pagination calculation that breaks as desired (I can't tell if you want the break to be after N school names or something else) that will be based on a dimension value.

          4) Use that pagination calculation to help build your final view, for layout you will likely need a dashboard with separate worksheets for the school name & grade headers vs. the measure details and an extra "Rows" calculation that would position each total, subtotal, and detail row. I've attached a workbook where I did that (without the totals & subtotals complication) which represents an evolution of the Pages Shelf technique that had previously been linked to.



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            Diogo Braga

            Thank you for the quick response. Pagination, in this case, sounds complicated indeed, but thank you for clarifying and providing the solution.


            What is the sneaky method that requires sequential numbers? This could work too.