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    Data Refresh Inquiry / Possible Tableau Prep Solution?

    Jonathan Hodge

      Howdy All!


      We are working with a sales extract that is roughly 500 million records in size and is taking way too long to refresh.


      It is 2 years of sales. Our thought was to have the prior year be completely static and never refresh. We want the current year to refresh weekly/monthly or as needed. We cannot do incremental because as the books close the data for previous months can change, so we need it to full refresh.


      The final issue is that we need 1 year to be completely static and the current year to refresh every time.


      The Hypothetical Plan:

      *Ideally* we could have a TDS that is prior year and never refreshes, and have a current year TDS that constantly refreshes. For some reason data blending was not an option but I was hoping that Tableau prep could consume a TDS that will be triggered to not refesh and join that to a TDS that will refresh to give a single output.


      Is this possible?



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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Jonathan

          if I understand the issue - you have historic sales data and you want to append current sales data to the file - each file has the same columns (dimensions) -

          you would do that with a Union (and you can use a wildcard union ) it can be done in Prep or in tableau proper


          see the link


          Union Your Data




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            Jonathan Hodge

            The issue I am having is in "what is the best way to begin this union with this data".


            I downloaded Tableau Prep thinking I could connect to tableau data sources published on the server but that does not seem to be possible with Tableau Prep.

            I may have to check with the user but since the prior year is static I might can connect tableau prep to that static TDS file, and then union to a SQL connection that calculates current year.


            The main issue is that whenever this refreshes I don't want tableau "wasting it's time" trying to refresh the prior year extract. But if its just pulling everything from a static TDS then possibly that is much faster?

            If we connect to a TDS on the local machine, whenever tableau prep attempts to union this data will it refresh if that local machine is off? I presume it would just retain the data.