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    Date Parameter not working on Server

    Ashish Jhawar

      Hello, published a dashboard on server which works on date parameters, however the date parameter isn't working on the server.

      1) It  doesn't show the month drop down and doesn't allow to type the year

      2) When selecting a date, it defaults to January 2018 e.g. if 1st July 2018 selected, it goes to 7th January 2018


      Anyone else faced something similar .... is this the known issue on 2018.1.1 Server?

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          Carisa Chang

          Hi Ashish, on question 2, it sounds like you have a date locale mismatch. 1-7-2018 could be either January 7 or July 1, depending on your locale settings. If you select July 2nd, I'd wager you will see February 7th, instead of January. I recommend checking the locale settings on your Server to make sure they match the computer where you are using Tableau Desktop.

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            Ashish Jhawar

            Hi Chang, Appreciate the response ... I doubt if it's something to do with locale settings, as the issue is coming up only when using date parameter ... when I use the date dimension it works just fine. But yes issue 1 of month drop down not showing up persists in both cases ... parameter or date dimension.