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    Top n items by group

    Skaiste Papuskaite

      Hello clever people,


      I have a little problem and cannot find a way to solve it..

      I have a graph with top n (number selected with parameter) products that have the biggest unpicked value.

      Everything works fine, but now I need to get the most unpicked (the same criterion) products based on picking center (selected by filter). And here I have a problem - this graph that I made shows not the most unpicked products by selected center, but it takes the most unpicked in total and shows its values in selected center.


      I tried different ways to change it, but it is not working right...


      Any help will be appreciated


      Data sample and Tableau draft attached.

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          Jim Dehner


          I don't speak the language so it is difficult to see if this did what you wanted

          see the formula change



          it will return this


          or this




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            Skaiste Papuskaite

            Hello Jim Dehner,

            Thanks for your answer, but it is not resolve the problem I have.

            As you see in the in the screenshots you show, it takes products that are most unpicked per both picking centers and when you select one of the centers, it finds the unpicked value in the selected center but only for those products which is in the list of most unpicked per both picking centers.


            I need to count top n most unpicked products in each center separately...