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    504 Gateway Time-out Error

    pinki sharma

      Hi Experts,


      I have a dashboard which is connected to published data source. Some times i get "504 Gateway time-out" error in that dashboard. As i can understand from text that this should be network related issue but i am not sure about this due to below details-

      I am not able to understand why this column name and some of its values are coming in this error dialog. I am able to connect to db then why gateway timeout issue .


      Guide me to resolve this error. Attached is whole error content in xml file.


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          Carisa Chang

          Hi Pinki,


          I recommend opening a case with Tableau Technical Support to investigate further. A gateway timeout error when connecting to a published data source typically indicates something in the network is interfering with traffic to the Data Server process, but a complete log analysis by the Support team will be needed to isolate the issue further. Thank you!