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    Correlations again

    Khoma Usire

      Hello good people,


      I'm trying to spice my dashboards up with interactive correlation visualizations. Here are a couple of problems I'm hoping you could help me with:


      1. I want to correlate two values. That's CORR( [Value1], [Value2] ). But I also want to correlate Value1 in one day to Value2 in the day after. How do I shift Value2 one day further? I can't seem to work out implementation of DATEADD() into CORR().
      2. Is there still no possibility to Correlate values from 2 different sources unless they are joined?
      3. Can I correlate Value1 to Sum of Values2 across some category?

                     As in: I have multiple Values2 for one date, I want to sum them all up and correlate it to Value1 which only exists once per date.




      Thanks ahead,


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          Yuri Fal

          Hi Khoma,


          As the CORR( expr1, expr2 ) is an Aggregate function,

          its arguments must be evaluated at the Row Level --

          whether they're coming directly from a datasource,

          or being Row-Level Calculations / FIXED LOD expressions.


          To calculate a correlation for the Marks on a view --

          at the Visualization Level-Of-Details (VizLOD) --

          one could be using a WINDOW_CORR() Table Calculation.

          Then the arguments for it could be the Aggregates.


          Please find the attached (version 10.5 wb)

          as an example of CY / PY monthly correlation.

          Hope it could help.