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    Sync map zoom/movement & create multiple layer maps

    Max Sand

      Dear Tableau-Community,


      I'm facing two issues that I would like to seek help on. My previous research on the Tableau Formus didn't yield me with an answer yet for me that works so I hope for your support :-).


      I have created the following dashboard showing districts, a popoulation density grid as well as some outlets in Beijing:




      Now I want to do two things which I cannot get done:


      1.) In the shown dashboard view, I would like to have all maps zoom and move in a synchronized manner (i.e. if I move or zoom one map, all other maps move and zoom in the exact same way). Thus always the same part of the map is shown.


      2.) I would like to combine all layers together in one map. Currently I managed to combine outlets and their trade areas (map on the right) together in one map which represents two layers. Is there any way to combine more than 2 layers of geographical objects together? The maps in the pictures are created out of three independant datasets currently. However, I could link dealers, districts and trade areas mathematically.


      I would really really appreciate your help. I have attatched a package workbook for your reference!