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    Comparing different types of regions between countries

    Carl Fredrik Sjöland

      I'm very new to Tableau, so I'm sorry if this has been asked before.


      For the maps view; I have data that includes a list of provinces associated with a numerical value. The primary countries I'm looking at are Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, China, Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, and Bhutan.


      For some of the data the regions are divided differently, following the different sizes of provinces. This makes some of the data "connect" immediately, and some requiring adjustment. For example my data on Myanmar only has one value for Mandalay and NayPyitaw :"Madalay/NayPytaw". I can map it to either of the regions, but I would preferably like to map it to both, and in such a way that my output map shows no border between the two.


      As for Thailand: Tableau supports all 76 provinces, but does not seem to support regions. I only have regional data according to the 4-region division system. (Each regions includes some 10+ provinces. Same situation with my Lao, Cambodia and Vietnam data, China seems to be supported except for Taiwan).

      The easiest solution for me would be to just make each province have the same value as their respective regions, but then again I would be giving the misleading image result showing what looks like more finely-grained data than what I really have.


      Is there a simpler or better solution for this problem?

      Very grateful for any help.