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    User-defined radius circles around multiple points on a map

    Neel Rajani

      Hi all,


      I am struggling to create user-defined radius circles around multiple points on a map:


      Here I have created a map plotting points based on given latitude and longitude numbers:



      I would like to create a parameter which allows me to toggle the size of each mark so I am able to zoom into each Local Authority using the Filter already created and then for all the marks available on the map, create a circle around the mark with a parameter-given radius (eg. 0.5km or 5km)?


      I have seen Richard Leek's work on concentric circles as well as the Knowledge Base available on Measuring Distances between locations on a map etc. however all these are based on single map locations and are more complex that I had in mind. The end result would look like this:



      I understand this would involve Dragging an Integer-Range Parameter to the Size Mark Card however I am unsure how to make this related to distance (I also understand the Trigonometry required to link Latitude and Longitude to Distance). I am using Tableau 2018.1.


      Thanks for your help!