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    can we create a list of dates hourly?

    sudip midya


      I have a requirement where I have to create an axis of datetime say from beginning of some variable(which is datetime object) to now() time in hourly format. Now, the variable does not happen every time, so my axis does not cover every hour possible in the said period if I plot the variable as that axis. So, my idea is to create a variable spawning every hour starting from beginning of the variable, or say for example from 30th september till 2nd october every hour. I tried to create parameter but didn't succeed in that.


      Can somebody please just point how to create a variable spawning every hour for a said time period. I will adjust the remaining part suiting my requirement. I am extremely sorry I cannot post the twbx file due to propitiatory concerns. If somebody can just show if its possible to generate a datetime object covering every hour for a specific time period, that will be enough for me I suppose.


      Thanks a lot for the help.


      Kind Regards,