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    How do I found in which workbook is a measure or dimension used?

    Stefan Stoian


      I have made some changes in datasources and I need to find out in which published workbook a dimension is used.

      Can I do this by TABCMD or other techniques?




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          Patrick Van Der Hyde



          I am moving this to the Tableau Server area of the forums as this question appears to be related to Server based upon the Tabcmd portion of the request.  The server area of the forums is where questions related to Server Administration.



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            Ritesh Bisht

            Please refer ---->https://community.tableau.com/thread/121375



            By Andy ,

            Another option is to look at the log file. If fields are being used in the workbook, they should appear in the Log file.


            Close all instances of Tableau, then open up your workbook <this will ensure you're looking at the proper log file>. Go into \My Documents\My Tableau Repository\Logs and open the latest log*.txt file. I'm not sure when items get written to the log file, so if you do not see any fields in the log file upon opening it, try refreshing each dashboard and unused worksheet and try the log file again.


            Fields should be enclosed in [ ], but so are other items so it could be confusing. Consider using a screen capture program to capture the list of fields in play, then look through the log file to see which ones appear.


            It's possible that Interworks has a report in their performance analyzer utility that indicates this, but I'm not sure (http://www.interworks.com/services/business-intelligence/tableau-performance-analyzer).


            Hope this helps some more,


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              Ritesh Bisht

              Other one from the same link above ---->


              The Tableau .twb file is actually an xml file. So you can simply "open with" a text editor (ex. MS Notepad) and search for your measure name. Or (better) if you change the file extension from .twb to .xml then you can easily open it in a browser (I like FireFox best for this purpose, for several reasons).


              I suggest you start your "find" after the starting line of the worksheet descriptions, which is just AFTER the section called  <worksheets>, with one section for each worksheet ex, a worksheet called ExampleWorksheet would start with the line:

              <worksheet name="ExampleWorksheet">


              Each time you "find" your measure name (which will usually be in square [] brackets), just scroll back up to the starting line of that section and you will have the name of a worksheet in which it is used.


              The above should be all you need but please let me know if any part of it is insufficiently described or unclear to you. OR, if you like my answer, please be sure to mark it as "correct" (if only so I know it worked for you).


              And yes, with CAUTION, you can copy an entire worksheet from one application to another simply by copying and pasting the XML (of course, the file connections etc all need to be similar). And other cool stuff ...


              Please mark the answer if it really helps you so that it can help others as well

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