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    Prep: System error: null

    Muhammad Mubashir Mukhtar

      Hi - am trying to prep a dataset connected with postgre. There are only three changes to be made: number to date; split a column in two; and cleaning the split columns.


      The first step for date works fine and the flow executes. But as I do a split, it shows the results but the flow doesn't execute and gives an error: "An error has occurred while running the flow." And further detail as: "System error: null"


      There are around 2million rows and 6 columns. Have tried doing it in single step as well in multiple steps. Have tried doing split first and then date. But nothing works. Using Prep 2018.2.3. Attached is the one step flow.


      Any suggestions?




      PS: Have added a sample data csv file for further testing. Thanks!


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